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One Day in my Life
Cultural Differences
The Aim:
A collection of days from all over the world by very different people, cultures, ...
Depending on the amount of stories it might even become a book someday. For the moment, I collect the texts here on my website.

The Idea:
Isn't it fascinating how divers the people in different parts of the world are? Coined by different religions and cultures. They have other customs, a different language, other dreams, other problems and fears, other visions and ideas, ...
Other countries - this means different climate, different landscape, different biota, ... High mountains - the sea, big metropolis - calm country life, ... extremes and a lot inbetween... This diversity should be revealed in the project.
One Day in my Life - a patchwork of adventures from all over the world.

Who can contribute?
You. Each of you. You think your life is boring? No, it isn't! Everybody has something special. Each country has something special. Tell us about your life, your country, your daily routine, your work, your free time, your dreams, your fears, ... Make it something special for us to know you. Describe one day in your life for us.
Although the project is no blog and no online diary, it is of course possible to write about more than one day. After all there are so many different situations in each life: On the one hand there are the typical days, the every day life. But there are also the special days - this can be happy days or sad days or just a very special event in your life, that you want to share with us. Screw up your courage and tell us one day in your life.

Some technical information:
  • As this website is written in three languages (englisch, french and german), you can choose one of these languages for your day. If you like, you can also translate it into one or both of the other languages and publish the translations, too.
  • Your day - please not too short. We cannot imagine how you are living, if you are describing one day in just five sentences.
  • Your text (including typos etc.) is your responsibility.
  • If you like you can choose a pen name, a pseudonym.
  • It would be nice, if you could send your day as html-file. If you do not know html, no problem - a normal txt file is also fine.
  • Please send contributions to lamouette at lamouette.de

How the idea was born...
I always loved receiving mail: letters and, as soon as I had internet, emails from all over the world. It started with penfriends from Germany and Austria, but when I learned English and French at school, I could finally exchange mail with people from other countries. For me it was fascinating to read how life is in other parts of the world. The different culture, other religions, other costums, ... a completely different world.
When I got to know via internet some people who like reading and writing like I do, I had the idea to create a project from it. My idea was the following: when someone describes one day in his/her life, this gives already a quite good impression of the life of this person. Like this, the project One Day in My Life was born.
Thanks to all of you who already helped me with the project.

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